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It's Game Time!

Seasons is a fun yet inviting way to compete and challenge other players in a race to complete the requested five seasons First.

What is a Season?

A season is a requested series of cards to complete per hand. There are five Seasons to complete starting with Preparation and ending with Mountain Top. To complete each season, you will be challenged to pair the correct Bible books. So, start your strategy right away and advance or be left behind in your season!



Action Cards

Mixed within the 129 cards, lies Twelve action cards sure to shake your game play upside down. Starting with the most sought-after ‘Breakthrough’ card used to advance a player into the next season as a challenge or quick boost. But, beware of the ‘Repent’ card that will cause another player to lose their turn. Or will you find the ‘Grace’ card that may be used in place of any Bible book to complete a Season.

Product Desctription

Details about the product:

Item Description
Features Includes 129 cards, Instructions
UPC 714343999791
Color Category Multicolor
Age Group 7 Years and Up
Brand Wooten Games
Target Audience Families, Kids
Number of Players 2-6
Box Dimensions (L x W x H) 3.5 x 4.75 x 1 inches